mint photography | About

Hello! I'm so happy you are here. I'm Nicky and I run Mint Photography Studio.

My hope is to tell your story in an authentic and organic way through photos. I'm obsessed with images and eternally grateful that documenting moments worth celebrating is what I do for work.

Wanderlust, an adventurous sister and my vagabond husband have been my inspirations to travel to over 20 countries photographing people and places for both editorial work and personal projects.

These days I live in Phoenix with my husband and our two spirited little kiddos. He handpicks and restores rare vintage objects and art. I photograph weddings, people and things. We run our businesses in downtown Phoenix. We walk the mountains and desert on the weekends. We eat all kinds of good food and I drink copious amounts of tea. We get to kiss our little ones a lot. Life is good.

Ok enough about me, tell me your vision. Tell me a story. Let's capture it and make it last for generations.